Colicky Baby

Now I have heard about babies that are fussy and colicky but Jack was an extremely difficult baby. The fussiness began at two weeks and went on and on and on.

His second week of life, he would not sleep. If I laid him down, he would instantly wake up and scream. He wanted to breastfeed hourly which I know worsened the gas but he would never breastfeed on the second side so I think that he needed more milk. So I ended up sleeping with him lying on my chest. Not a restful sleep at all but it helped us get some sleep.

Colic is supposed to improve after four months but Jack was no ordinary baby. I was just holding out for four months. But four months came and went and the extreme crying continued for hours.

Something was obviously ailing him. A friend suggested a home remedy which certainly helped him pass gas but in retrospect I wish that I would have camped out at the Children's Hospital until they did the testing to figure out what was wrong.

We had him on prevacid for gastric reflux and we thought there were allergies but it wasn't until he was six months old that we figured out how much he was allergic to.

His skin was absolutely terrible. He had terrible eczema. He would scratch until he bled. There were no mitts staying on his hands. I was so embarrassed taking him into the store or mall because his skin was so terrible. People would look at him and just their looks said it all.

And the saga continued.