Scheduling Conflict

So you think you have everything all figured out and then you find out your children's school has changed their schedule.

So we're back to the wonderful driving schedule for Jack this time. I think that it is definitely the best decision for our little Jack but it certainly does not come without some huge commitment, sacrifice and some complications.

So now, Zach and Maddie's school is starting and finishing twenty minutes earlier than last year. Jack's one school is a good thirty minutes away from our home without rush hour traffic. Jack's school ends twenty to twenty five minutes prior to Zach and Maddie's bus is supposed to drop them off. So what do we do?

Zach will only be turning eight and Maddie is only six so they are way too young to be left on their own. However, it hardly seems worth paying someone for after school care for hours when Dave or I will only be ten to twenty minutes after them. I wish we had super close friend's nearby that would just watch them for the short amount of time that it will take. Oh the complications of childcare.

If I am working days, I will not be home on time or it would be pushing it to be at home but I have a lot of evening shifts that will not allow me to be at home. Oh the complications!