Autism and Anxiety

My little Zach is feeling quite anxious about returning to school. He feels like he has a good handle on reading but he's quite anxious about writing. When he says writing I think that he is including spelling with the difficulty printing.

With meeting the principal last year, we had talked about some kind of computer device. The device would allow Zach with his physical limitations.

It must be so hard to know what the other kids are able to do. To see the discrepancies between you and the others and feel like your limitations will not allow him to do certain things. We cannot underestimate how hard Zach works. He has worked extremely hard just to be where he is at.

But as a parent of a child with autism, you want to be able to help your child in every way possible. You want to support your child in every way and look for ways to allow it to be possible. Is there anything I could be doing that I am not?

It is quite nerve wracking going into a year that there are definite funding cuts. How will Zach cope if he is not pulled out of the classroom during the really challenging subjects? How will the teacher's cope without the teacher's assistant? How much will the typical kids miss out on because of the special needs children? There really isn't any winners in this situation.

Now who's anxiety is greater...Zach's or my own?