Road trip

So it always amazes me how the trip home always feels shorter than the trip to a particular destination. Why is that? It's not like you take a longer route on the way there.

Is it just the anticipation? Can't be...we definitely made it home earlier in the evening than on the way.

Was my foot heavier? Certainly not...we saw more cops on the way home than on the way there.

We surely christened a lot of dirt roads. A family of five pee-ers, Gabe is still in diapers, makes it kinda difficult to coordinate the peeing especially the younger ones. It was quite humorous watching Maddie and Jack pee together.

Poor Zach could not pee standing up or squatting. Even if his life depended upon it...I don't think that he could have gone. I think he would have had an accident before squatting or standing up. In fact I think he kinda did because he couldn't quite make it to the toilet. Poor guy, he got so stressed out about desperately wanting to pee, but his body just wouldn't allow it.

I think I even mooned a guy. Thought I was shielded with the van but didn't take into account how busy the turn off road was. Trying not to be embarrassed or trying to focus on the fact that he probably couldn't see much least I hope.

I think we must have added an hour on the trip home to our commute because of all of the pit stops.

You know how the saying goes... A family that pees together all have empty bladders. Sorry that is pretty pathetic but I felt like I should let you know that we certainly had some bonding times on our road trip even if it was just peeing together. Fun times.