The Sandwich Years

The sandwich years are a fact of life for many people. My dad is in Ontario so not terribly close to me so I'm definitely not caring for him the same way I cared for my mom.

I talked to my step mother the other day and got a dose of reality with the decline in my father's health. It certainly isn't a surprise because my dad certainly has abused his body.

He started smoking at a fairly young age. It was either when he was thirteen or fifteen years old. He surprisingly quit smoking for years after his heart attack. Unfortunately in the last year or so he started up again. My step mom said that he was calmer with smoking. My dad can be so wound up at times. So any kind of calming down can be greatly appreciated with those living with him or around him.

So now he has the beginning stages of lung disease. Great! Not a total surprise with the years of smoking I guess.

So that's the upper half of the sandwich and then the normal day to day struggles with the younger generation.

Constant requests for play dates. Don't get me wrong... I like when my children have kids to play with. How sad is it that we live in a city where our children's school friend's live in communities that are too far away to walk? They cannot just go outside and find their play mates. They need to have the parent's arrange the times and take the time to drive them to their friend's. Is this a new phenomenon of our times? Uggh!

But yet we will continue to set up those play dates.