Changes in the fall

So we decided to make significant changes for Jack's preschool. With some difficulty, we decided to move Jack from the preschool he was at to the one that Zach went too. I wasn't completely unhappy with the last school however I believe that there is more for Jack or just something better.

Dave and I chose to give ourselves a break from driving this past year. Being a child's chauffeur takes a lot of time and even though you spend a significant amount of time with your children in the car, it surely isn't quality time.

It sure would be nice if we had programmable cars where you could just program the car to take your child to a certain destination and not have all of the wasted time in the car. Something that we can hopefully look forward to in the future. I know I know, let's just forget about the adult supervision for the time being.

Anyways, the change is worth it. I think that Jack is worth it. Only time will tell us what progress we will see in our Jack. It should be an interesting year. Jack will be going in the afternoon. Jack is generally more tolerable in the morning when we will have him. It should be interesting to see if they have more behaviour at school in the afternoon. I guess we will see shortly!

More to come. This saga is certainly not over.