Professional Responsibility

So the place I work at has a variety of shifts. A couple of the shifts end at 0130 and 0315 hours. Yes, that is in the morning.

Now it was brought to my attention that one of the nurses that I work with has six 0130 shifts in a row. But the complication is that she takes public transit and public transit stops running at 0100 hours.

So what kind of responsibility should the employer take to help this girl home? Now, even if public transit was still running...don't you think that the employer should have to take some kind of responsibility to help her get home?

Do you think that the employee needs to just find her own way home? At this time, she is needing to rent a car for a week to get home. She has those shifts every three months.

I remember when I worked at Wendy's, the employer sent home employees by cab if you worked till closing. Now Wendy's does that, shouldn't a professional place take responsibility for their employees as well?

Just needing to get something that is really troubling out of my mind.

Now, the employee is brand new. She probably had no idea that she was going to have a 0130 or a 0315 shift. So at least if she knew she would have these shifts ahead of time, she could have declined the position or made other arrangements! Just seems wrong to me.