A Son From Another Mother cont'd

So an appropriate time never arose without Ellen around. I just really wanted to talk to my dad on his own. I've never been a person to confront someone but the curiosity was just burning a hole in my brain. I just needed to know the truth.

I talked to my brother Chris about the possibility of another brother. He too was completely oblivious about the possibility of another brother. There wasn't going to be anything holding him back from asking my dad why the secret for so long.

My heart was saying that it was true and that my dad is really incapable of joking. My dad ever have a sense of humour? Not usually.

So Chris's burning desire to rip into my dad was enough for me to confront my dad about the truth. My dad seemed to want to dismiss the whole subject but there was no way I was going to allow him to do that. I was pretty impressed with my courage.

My dad had only seen the baby once and does not know the baby's name. Of course he remembers the woman's name. My father was incorrect about the son's age because the relationship occurred prior to my parent's relationship.

I was probing for more information....how long before my mom was this affair? Has he had any contact? What year did my parent's get married again?

So my parent's married in 1963 which would mean the youngest this son could be is forty-eight. But my dad has no memory of how long before my parent's relationship when this affair occurred. I asked my dad in different ways to see if it had occurred during my parent's marriage but he seemed pretty adamant that it had not occurred during that time. I was just trying to figure out if he was just trying to protect me from the truth. But all I wanted was the truth. No room or need for hiding the truth.

So afterwards I googled the woman's name and tried to find her name under 411. But I came up with nothing. She likely married and changed her name so who knows what her name became?

So again, do you pursue a half brother or do you just move on with life?