Full time shift working mom

Pulled in a million directions. Work has it's own demands. My children have their own needs. Man, how many blogs have I started like this...

It is so hard being a working mom and just having to work all the time when you would far rather be with your children. Yes, I certainly have the benefit of running away from the stress when things get hard. But at the same time, I so want to see my children and take them places when there are opportunities.

This weekend is a huge weekend for the autism community in Calgary. But yet I am unable to take any part in it because I have to work. The joys of shiftwork...working weekends.

Then in a few weeks, there is a fundraiser that we are obligated to sell eight tickets for plus find someone to donate something too or pay $500 of our own money that we do not have or we have to volunteer twenty hours of our time that we do not have. Normally I would volunteer but my time is so precious these days, I do not have twenty hours to give. Twenty hours is so significant these days. That would be twenty more hours away from my children and more hours of sacrificing myself which certainly cannot and will not happen.

How would someone in this situation not be able to say no? I am moving on to a new phase of life I think. I am so ready to allow Dave to take some risks in his work life so if that means that I step back and work less to provide the opportunity for him to take some control of the financial burden, by all means go ahead. It's really hard when you have so many financial responsibilities but if it means taking a risk for Dave's true happiness and improvement of my life and mental health than it just needs to be done.

Life is worth taking some risk!