Reminder of Life

Found out that my aunt died over facebook today. How great is that really? I'm just grateful to know. It's amazing how facebook has connected people again.

I'm not meaning to harp about how I found out and that I didn't really even know that she was sick. My mom's family has never been very close anyways.

We had a family get together a few years ago that I travelled to Ontario for with two kids. At the same time, my friend's father suddenly died. I was quite conflicted because my friend was quite near and dear to me. If I hadn't had my niece with me at the time, I likely would have gone to the funeral instead. Just because you are related by blood doesn't make you close.

Anyways, I have never been close to my aunt so I am quite surprised how her death has affected me. She lived a fairly long life....eighty or nearly eighty years. Surprisingly, that doesn't even seem that old anymore.

This evening I found out that she sent my husband and I an anniversary card. Wow! At the end of her life, she sent us an anniversary card. I don't know the events of the last week of her life but she sent us a card. Wow! How touching!

What does life really mean? Am I living the life I should be living? What could I be doing differently? Did my aunt have any inkling of where she would be going after death? Was she scared? Did I have some truths that I could be telling her to ease her fear? Should I be praying more for the family members that don't know Jesus? Is prayer enough?