Opened the Can of Worms

I'm not entirely sure if I should feel bad about how open I have been about a half brother. Things like that don't bother me but I guess I should have more respect for my family's desires to keep it private. Is it just their information even though the information has an impact on me too?

I sense that I shouldn't have been even made aware of this other son. Apparently "old age" has caused the fore-brain to allow this information to slip.

So I apologize to those that have been affected by my openness and honesty. My intentions were not to harm but to process this huge information.

I sense that some would like this information to be forgotten or just swept under the rug and nothing at all pursued. I'm not sure if I should just honor their requests. I just wish I knew the son's wishes? If he is living a great life and has no desires to ever know about us, I could let it go. But without knowing, I would just have more peace of mind just letting him choose. I feel bad that his father is such a misfit but he has two siblings that are not.

So now what do I do? Where do I even start trying to locate him? Any recommendations?