Parent/Teacher meetings

Had the parent teacher meetings Thursday night with Zach and Maddie's teachers. It was an introductory meeting for parents to meet their children teachers and for their teachers to ask us about our children.

I am very happy to hear that Zach's supports have not been decreased at all. Thanks to the diagnosis of autism, Zach's funding has not changed. He still has the educational assistant shared with the six other children with the individualized plans.

But the one thing that really struck me is that we do have a lot to say about our goals for our children. But what if I don't know what those goals should be? What if I don't know how to direct the teachers? How do people do it? Where can I find direction for these teachers?

Zach has an individualized program plan which is a fancy way to say that they modify his schooling. Many of the things that the other children do are extremely challenging for Zach. We want to have high expectations for Zach but not unrealistic expectations. I just want to ensure that our expectations aren't too low either.