Fighting for Funding

I know! I know! I am a broken record. Just got the word that we may not qualify for the special education funding for Jack. Because his funding is for language and Jack's total language isn't affected, he may not qualify despite the severe articulation speech delay, the moderate fine motor delays and the behavioral concerns.

I guess it is time for the next stage of fighting with Alberta Education and the pediatrician and heck why not the family doctor too. Oh and we have the Family Supports for Children with disabilities appointment next week with the social worker too. Oh, I was really avoiding the fight but I guess it is time!

Oh how I wish someone else could fight this battle for me but sadly a momma's gotta do what a momma's gotta do. The unfortunate part is the timing of everything. Jack is in school now and needs the support now. His school supports cannot be shelved for months while this argument is faught.

The doubts just start to creep in. Why oh why do I doubt our parenting? Why oh why do I question everything we are doing? When we have three other children that seem so balanced? Is it possible that our parenting style just doesn't work for one?

Wasn't it just yesterday that I was just marveling with the funding for Zach and that nothing was cut. Well, we just found out where they cut back! Why oh why would they have to stop Jack's funding? Isn't early intervention important? Why would they delay the support? One brother prospers while the other brother continues with the frustration...trying to be understood and trying to understand. Oh Jack, my little Jack. I hope you will be okay!