A Day in the life of Jack

Awakened by some noise downstairs in your house, you turn over in bed to look at the clock and it's six o'clock. You marvel at the time grateful that it's six o'clock. The night before it was four.

You drag yourself out of bed with a bit of fear hoping that you didn't just sleep through an hour of your four year old son hunting down treats that may be hidden somewhere in the house that you are not even aware of. He has every single light on in the house. You find a box of clothes, that are too small for Zach, strewn all over the landing as well as the diaper bag, the contents of Zach's school bag in the front foyer and your purse and wallet in the hall. Only to find a small empty container of mints. Great breakfast! Now Jack is happily playing with the Lego. This occurred yesterday, the day before it was an ice cream bar and the day before it was yogurt. Today he went into the freezer and he found the leftover cupcakes from his birthday party. He practically ate all of the icing off of the cupcakes. The evidence found on his face, hands and feet and the three un-eaten cupcakes in his bed. Great!

So you ask me why we don't put a lock on the freezer? That attempt has been tried and failed. He has already ripped the lock off the freezer.

The other children awaken to start their day. Jack is in one of his particular moods where he is trying to get a reaction from his sister. He does many different things just to try and get her to scream.

Gabe is now awake and happy as can be and now Jack has turned his negative attention on him. Understandable after Jack knows he has done something wrong. Now he's trying to get more attention. I guess the earlier attention wasn't enough.

Zach and Maddie have their breakfast, get dressed quickly and head off to catch the bus. Jack requests breakfast but I know that he will certainly not even touch it. And so the day begins with a meal that has little to no nutritional value.

So what are our options? Do we put a lock on his bedroom door? I hate to resort to that but I'm really at a loss.