A Housekeeper-I Am Not

Housekeeping has never been my strongest gift. Actually not even moderately. Don't get me wrong, I really don't like sticky or dirty or smelly but I guess untidy and clutter is me.

With working full time, having four children, one with autism, one with a severe speech delay, one that hasn't been consistently sleeping due to teething and other unknown reasons, and one that has never been a good sleeper...the lack of cleanliness has not been my top priority. With some reactions from others, I feel like it's higher of a priority for them and that their values "should be" my values. I'm not sure if it is judgment I feel or if it is some shame?

I have had many conversations with people, mostly friend's, and felt supported in my decisions to try and get the extra sleep. But do you think that they are just saying that but secretly thinking otherwise? I guess it depends on the friend's but I feel like their support was genuine. I just keep telling myself that I would like to see those people, the judgmental people, in my situation. See how they could manage the stress.

Anyways, I can see the importance of organization as we are a family of six and space is at a premium. I also would like my children to see the importance of respecting each other's space and keeping a clean house.

As our children get older, the sleepless nights seem to be few and farther between. Hallelujah! Momma isn't a very good momma when momma has had sleepless nights. But what momma is? Let's be realistic here, people need their sleep and the REM sleep is so important.