Forced Relaxation

So I just finished my eighth out of nine shifts and the shift certainly wasn't without it's own stressors. Working short once again we finished the shift with new staff listening to calls.

I finished my call at a pretty decent time just to scoot off to get Jack from preschool. Jack's preschool was on the other side of the city so depending upon the start of the rush hour traffic, forty-five minutes could have bee pushing it.

Making fairly decent time, I looked down at my car's temperature gauge just to see that she was running hot. I've never seen that before! I call my husband for any kind of suggestion that he was prepared to offer me. Obviously he was alarmed.

So he tells me to pull over and I'm in the middle of a busy street where there isn't any place to pull over. As I am talking to him, the temperature is going down slightly and then it went up higher than the top of the red. At this point, I'm in a better location to pull over so I decide to pull over. Dave states that he is now running to get Jack (meaning he is packing three other children in the car).

Dave was insistent it is the oil. He alarmingly asked me when I last changed the oil. He knows me well. But much to my joy, we only had an oil change three weeks back so I am just as insistent that it is not the oil. For his sake, the first thing I did was check the oil. The oil as I suspected was fine. What I did notice was how hot the engine felt. I also noticed that it suggested the coolant be completely changed at 200 000 km and guess what I just went over this week?

I then noticed, as I walked to the driver's door, that the door was locked with my keys inside. Oh great! I guess I wasn't going to go anywhere anyways. I thankfully stopped across the street from a parking lot from a restaurant. I just walked over to call my husband.

Was I at all stressed? How could I be stressed on a gorgeous 26 degrees day. I had been just rushing and rushing, a pretty typical day and so my day turned out exactly how I needed it to. Soaking up the sun and not needing to be any place. Yippee! So grateful to finally stop even if it was forced relaxation!