Parenting for Dummies

I think that I need a parenting for dummies course. I'm sure I'm not alone here but I certainly cannot rely on my own upbringing and certainly not my own intuition to raise my children.

Looking back at my upbringing...most of the time it was just my mother and I or my brother and I unsupervised. We sure fought a lot and I just got used to losing. Not fun! Funny how you remember certain things and not specifically the entire situation.

So where is this all coming from. We had a very busy day yesterday and our kids were completely exhausted and therefore slept in this morning. The problem is that we had somewhere to be this morning. Jack did not want to get out of bed, then he didn't want to eat his breakfast and then Zach couldn't find his backpack and Maddie needed help with something and then something wasn't done right. All interspersed with screams of frustration and Jack throwing some things out of frustration.

Things always seem worse when there is a timeframe. I really hate being late for things but I really expected to be late just because of the busy day yesterday.

I think I just have to remember that Jack is only four and Jack needs to be given some strategies when he gets frustrated. If I get frustrated it certainly isn't helping him in any way. But how do you just step back and do that and not go to your first instinct when you yourself have had a horrible night with a baby screaming for some unknown reason or Jack coming into your room climbing under your bed searching frantically for Dave's iPad or your iPod that you depend upon in order to get everyone up and out of the house on time. Gasp! Breathe and swallow. Can you hear me sigh?

Jack and Gabe seem to be taking their turns with the sleep disturbances and at some point you just cannot keep going. We are humans and not machines.

I just have to start giving myself a break. I heard something recently about the impossibility of having everything. I know that you are shocked but it is impossible to have everything. Where does that idea come from? Why do we assume we can do everything? Man, I have a lot to learn!