Bathroom Time

I'm sure every case of ADD is not exactly the same. I'm sure that it may vary depending on the personality of the person somewhat but I'm sure that the basics are similar.

I'm not sure if this is just a man thing or if it's just the ADD. It astounds me how long Dave can spend in the bathroom! Do men have longer intestines so it's just harder to pass a stool or is it just a physical difficulty or is there a proven fact that men do take longer in the bathroom to have a bowel movement? I do not have any difficulty and certainly do not have the time to dawdle in the bathroom.

Who needs reading material in the bathroom? Who has time to read a magazine article or a book in the bathroom? For one, my children could have the house destroyed after half a page. The thought of reading something for enjoyment would be oh so thrilling but more of a dream than a reality. Hopefully that will change some when my children are a little older.

Anyways, if I clocked the time Dave spends in the would be astounding. I can understand that it is quiet place and a break from the kids and possibly good thinking time but I can think of many other places I would prefer over the bathroom. There isn't a phone in the bathroom and adults are less likely to bother you but children don't necessarily respect the bathroom time. I have noticed that Dave locks the bathroom door which I guess ensures his privacy.

I guess I should learn from him. I could get some pretty darn good 'me' time in the bathroom with a locked door. I have extended my showers somewhat on occasion but tend to be too practical with water usage.