It Takes A Community To Raise A Child

On Friday, we had a day filled with meetings for Jack. In the morning, one of the workers from Jack's school came into our home to try and problem solve and give us strategies to succeed with Jack. It was very cathartic talking to someone about the struggles we endure on a daily basis. When she got to the strategy part, it almost seemed obvious. Why didn't we think of that ourselves????

We came to the conclusion that his behaviour escalates when he is bored. What a brain wave?! What child doesn't start acting out when they are bored? But it didn't stop there. It went on to us dealing with the boredom and how to prevent the boredom in the first place.

We also struggle with Jack's behaviour escalating and find it very difficult to find a moment to praise him. So what do you do with the escalation in behaviour? Do you give in so the next time he just jumps to that step in the behaviour or are you a brave enough soul to ride it out without giving in? Much easier said than done!

The revelation was not about riding out the wave but how you nip it in the bud the second before he has a chance to say a word. Not an obvious time because your child would probably look at you confused because they hadn't even had a chance to say a word.

That alone was our morning. The afternoon was an individualized program plan with all of the goals for Jack's school.

There is nothing more amazing to go into an individualized program plan (IPP) meeting with ten people that are completely focused on your child for an hour and a half. But we didn't stop at an hour and a half. We could have gone on for a lot longer however they had another child's meeting following Jack's. We did go on for twenty-five minutes but then I had to run off to work. Absolutely fantastic.

Behavioural Therapy and Learning Centre (BTLC) has an amazing hiring process. They seem to find amazing people who are so dedicated to these children with special needs. I am so impressed with these incredibly devoted women.

This IPP was not a simple plan but had multiple goals where they have measurements of how often Jack does something at this time. They demonstrate some of the programs during this meeting and they are sure to involve the parents every step of the process. Also, they never ever made me feel dumb or that I should have known something. Wow! I can hardly express how amazing this entire day was!!!