Jack's Surgery

Jack had a huge umbilical hernia from birth but nowadays they don't like to fix them until the children are slightly older. Maddie had an umbilical hernia but hers actually closed on it's own. Jack's hernia unfortunately didn't close.

It has been a huge source of trouble. When Jack was a baby, the hernia would bulge and was absolutely huge. One time it was so hard, I couldn't even press it in and then the vomiting started. That took us into the emergency room.

So after four years, we went into the Children's Hospital to get it fixed. The hernia was a fraction of the size it started at but it didn't close completely. The surgeon left the decision up to me. Do we leave it to see if it will close or do we just fix it now? It's been four years, and I just wanted it fixed. It sadly brought a lot of negative attention at the wading pool. Kids can be cruel!

Jack was quite the trooper. They are so excellent at the children's hospital. I walked him right into the operating room. They gave Jack a mask to put onto Winnie the Pooh while they put the mask on Jack. He just eased off into lala land.

In the room after recovery, Jack was sitting on his bed eating Popsicle after Popsicle after Popsicle and requesting to go home after his initial vital sign check. But then reality set in on the way home in the car...the freezing started wearing off and my little boy started to cry. He requested for the dressing to come off but little did he know that that one dressing would make little difference. It really is what is under the dressing that is causing the discomfort.

We got home just in time for another dose of tylenol but I had just recalled that I didn't have a house key. The one unusual day that Dave was not home. Thankfully he was just moments away from home.

We got into the house and he didn't leave the couch. He requested to be carried to the bathroom and to be sat up. He cried two hours after the tylenol wore off. My poor little active boy couldn't even sit up on his own. His first trip to the bathroom was in slow motion but now the movement is slowly increasing. It's so hard seeing your active little boy stopped.