Answers For Jack

I was talking to a psychologist yesterday about my concerns regarding Jack. Pretty nice to have access to a psychologist eh? She was asking me about the support we were receiving for Jack. Of course I replied that we do not receive any support from the Family Supports for Children with Disabilities (FSCD). Her response was that we could likely get a diagnosis for Jack.

Now of course the difficulties with labels is that you want to be careful that your child isn't put in a box.(especially at such a young age-you want to make sure it is an accurate diagnosis) With the few stories I had told her, she told me that he would likely fit the criteria for Oppositional Defiant Disorder NOS (ODD-Not Otherwise Specified). She was also just as quick to jump up to print off the criteria for this diagnosis. Furthermore, she was quick to tell me how we could go on to get a diagnosis. If we are desperate for a diagnosis to receive the support, we could certainly pay for another child psychologist to do an assessment. Please tell me why we have to pay for these assessments? She then mentioned that we could possibly go to our pediatrician or family doctor to see if one of them would feel comfortable enough with making a diagnosis?

Now, please tell me why I could not get the same quick reaction from the pediatrician? This registered psychologist is obviously knowledgeable regarding ADHD and other childhood diagnoses but I didn't tell her any other stories. Well actually I probably told her two other stories because they hadn't even occurred when we saw the pediatrician.

Dave looked at the criteria for this diagnosis and thought it fit Jack to a "t". ODD can be a diagnosis which co-exists with ADHD however they don't usually diagnose ADHD until the age of five years.

It's so interesting to have a possible answers and then your brain starts to question everything. Why do we do that? My excuses... Maybe it's just his age! Or maybe he just has a temper! Or maybe he's just reacting to something in his environment! Are we just imagining these things? Would a psychologist meet Jack and just think that we are just out to lunch? Would Jack fool them like so many doctor's he has already fooled? It took Dave's dad several days of staying with us until he saw what we were talking about. It took his worker's some time prior to seeing what struggles we have been talking about. It certainly is hard on a parent's self esteem. But we just need to stick to our guns and know what we know and trust that in time people will see what we have been talking about. probably at that time, we will then start fighting for Jack and for his support.

Two interesting facts that I learned from the psychologist...1) every child would improve on ADHD medication so it would not necessarily confirm a diagnoses of ADHD. 2) if a parent has ADD/ADHD-each of your children has a fifty percent chance of having ADD/ADHD.

All I can say is interesting!