My Husband with ADD

I just want to start out by saying that I love my husband dearly. ADD is one reality in our lives that plays a significant difference.

When I first met Dave, there were ongoing jokes about how late Dave could be for things. In fact, when I first saw Dave across a crowded room, it was because he was always late for church. That is why it was so easy to notice him because everyone was sitting down.

However with our friendship, Dave was always quite respectful arriving on time for dates and events so it really wasn't an issue.

Some people think that ADD is inattention but actually my husband can get super engrossed in something he is doing. For example...taking a shower. Something about the water running helps his brain to wander and he would say that he is able to think through things with the water running. He will even make a comment after he gets out of the shower that he is in "an ADD fog".

The struggle is that I really really like to be on time for things. I'm able to be on time for things a lot of the time when I am going somewhere by myself and the children. It amazes me that when I need to go somewhere with the kids and Dave, we will all be late. I will have the children and myself ready to go and then we will be waiting for Dave.

So he can take very very long showers. He can also spend hours in his office. If he is working on a project, he can spend a very long time working on it, perfecting it!

Dave always knew that he learned differently and he recognized that some teachers got frustrated with his learning style. The teachers probably didn't recognize why and Dave didn't know either. It wasn't until he was into his thirties that he had a referral to a specialist and was diagnosed with ADD. The doctor tried Dave on a medication but after thirty some-odd years of coping with ADD without medication, the medication wasn't a helpful solution.