The Diagnosis

So we have a diagnosis on why don't I feel any better? We had our appointment with our family doctor and he heard our pleas of frustration and the need for help. Always great to be heard but is being heard enough?

So now we can go to the Family Supports For Children with Disabilities and we can get some extra support I hope. We may have to wait for a panel of experts to choose our hours of support now.

Years ago with Zach, we had the recommendation of hours given to us by the team that did the assessment. I'm not sure what they will do this time???

But why don't I feel any better? Because we have gotten any true answers because part of the diagnosis is the assessment but the assessment part was kinda skipped. I'm terrified that we will have the wrong diagnosis that will come back to us and bite us in the butts!

Do we just bite the bullet and pay for our own assessment? How much will that cost? But will that assessment give me peace of mind? Absolutely! 100%