More of Maddie & Jack's Escapades

It was five minutes before it was time to take Jack to school. At the best of times, it is nearly impossible to get Jack out the door on time.

But this day of all days Jack didn't eat any lunch at all which always worries me. I just see it as a recipe for disaster for behaviour at school. The positive side of the behaviour is that the teachers will see the behaviour we see daily at home.

It seemed to be one of Jack's bad days for humping. If asked he states his tummy hurts but if you touch his tummy, there is absolutely no reaction. If we mention it to the doctor, the doctor just sees it as self stimulating behaviour and doesn't do anything about it. How long does this humping behaviour last for until it becomes a concern? I find it concerning but no doctor has reacted.

So this day in particular was an unusual day because Zach and Maddie were both at home because it was a professional development day. Dave, my husband had a meeting over the lunch hour so I was taking all four kids to Jack's school. Maddie and Gabe are often happy to go along for the ride. Zach however is not at all pleased.

After Maddie had eaten a few bites, Jack, Maddie and Gabe ran upstairs to play. Seriously with only five minutes prior to leaving, Jack and Gabe stripped the bed sheets, threw all of the stuffed animals Zach owns off the top bunk and all of the sheets and pillows onto the floor. But the icing on the cake was that they took Zach's heavy mattress, lifted it up over the railing and threw it off the top bunk.

How do two fairly small children do that in five minutes? Oh and another important detail was that Gabe happened to be under that mattress when it fell to the floor.

I heard a crash which sounded like Gabe falling from a high place followed by Gabriel crying. My heart sunk. I was almost terrified to go into the room because I was terrified at what I would find. Was my child going to be paralyzed?

But that fear quickly turned to disbelief which quickly turned into anger. That mattress was so heavy I couldn't even put it back onto the top bunk by myself. How does a four and six year old get that mattress up high enough to slip onto the floor? Was Gabe going to be okay?

That day, my children absolutely knew that I was angry. It made me question after the fact if how I managed my anger that day was okay? Ironically a few days later at my book club we talked about anger. This blog is on the longer side so I will save my discussion about anger until tomorrow.

I immediately sent Jack and Maddie outside. It was a beautiful day anyways so they should have been outside especially with that much energy. I immediately checked Gabe over and he seemed to be okay. I then gathered Gabe and Zach up and I got them into the van. I drove around the house to the back yard to get Jack and Maddie into the van. Off to school we go! Phew, at least they couldn't destroy anything in the van with their car seats on.