The Fight

So I was going to give it one more last effort to talk to the pediatrician to get the referral to the Children's hospital for an actual assessment. After three visits to the family doctor and a couple of visits to the pediatrician...I have discovered that fight may not result in a pleasing result anyways.

It has come to my attention how long the wait times are for assessments. A year! How frustrating! We have been fighting for a referral for how long? And now we would still have to wait for a year?!

I am not going to accept the doctor's note because I believe the assessment portion is critical!

So we went to an agency for an estimate for an assessment and it really makes it more challenging. The cost shouldn't surprise me...$2000+ but it just makes it more challenging.

How do you balance the sanity it will bring to our family with the cost? With the understanding that it will add to the debt load. I am quite fortunate that I have benefits which includes psychology. Unfortunately it isn't a spending account. Blue Cross knew what they were doing. There is a cap on the number of dollars that may be spent in any particular day. Which isn't necessarily realistic for an assessment and writing the report which is more likely to be done in a lump of time rather than an hour at a time. Totally sucks!

But don't be deceived, life has a way of providing even more options. Because Jack has preschool funding and because we have him in such a great school with such great people we may be able to have the assessment done through his school. His preschool funding will pay for a portion of the assessment and my benefits can pay for a portion of the assessment. Yippee! Best case scenario!

I thought it was a challenge with Zach but Zach's diagnosis was easy in comparison. Surely the diagnosis of autism wasn't easy to accept but the referral and assessment process was far easier than this. How sad is that? Isn't it important to have both the referral portion with the support of the family critical? For the entire well being of the family? And that leads me to my next blog...not until next time....