Am I Losing My Mind?

So I feel like I'm losing my mind. There are some normal day-to-day struggles with being a parent. But how do you separate what is normal for that age and what is abnormal about your child? Is Jack the product of his environment? Is Jack truly abnormal? Is the behaviour a result of all the pain he endured from early on in life? Is he truly better now but we are just having a hard time letting go of the bad things that he has done? Or is Jack just reacting to the stress in his environment? Are we just imagining all of this bad behaviour?

As you may be aware, Jack was not an easy baby with colic and tons of sleepless nights, to eczema, skin concerns and terrible itching and food sensitivities and allergies and continuous breastfeeding sessions which would go on all night.

In the end it was the gastrointestinal doctor who recommend I stop breastfeeding. My health was starting to fail.

So you can look at his health concerns early on and we as parents wonder how that could mentally affect him now? Are there any studies that show the affect of pain on a child's mental health? One would think pain early on could play a massive affect on a child's mental health.

Does that pain contribute to his behaviour now?

And what about the amount of stress our family is going through? Does our stress affect his behaviour? It's gotta have an affect!

All I know is that it will take a pretty gifted psychologist to sift through all of the stuff to come up with a correct diagnosis.

I know for a fact that we are not making up the challenges in my mind. However on occasion it is good for me to take a couple of steps back to observe so I can reassure myself that it's not just my imagination!