Family Life

The Effect of Four Children on your Sex Life

Okay end of story, nothing to talk about. Did you catch my meaning? Do you hear the crickets chirping? Now of course it's not just the four children, but exhaustion at the end of the day from working more than full time hours, being a stay at home parent when it doesn't energize you and having an eleven month old that still gets up at night to breastfeed and a three year old that still gets up five to six times a week. Phew! Makes me exhausted just typing it. The pure exhaustion makes it challenging to say the least...
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Why blog?

Why do I do the things that I do not want to do? But I don't do the things I want to do? Does that make any sense? I am in a place of eternal conflict with myself. I'm in a place that is infinitely better than the place I grew up in but sadly my past has made me into the person I am today. I thought that I had escaped unscathed from the negative effects of a dysfunctional home but becoming a parent has shown me otherwise.
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Zach: "Something is different."

Zach was a great baby. Yes starting to breastfeed was quite difficult and he liked to take 45 minutes for each feeding but he was predictable and would actually sleep. Great for a first baby. In the beginning I had dreams about being the only woman in a village that could breastfeed and I would just finish breastfeeding all the other babies in the village and then Zach would wake up for a feeding. I was pretty exhausted but I still think that time was easier than working twelve hour night shifts.
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